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Italjet Spares UK are suppliers of Genuine New Italjet Parts for most models of scooters, some which are listed down the left hand side of this page. Click on the model you want to view and you will be taken straight to that page


Italjet Spares UK also offer resourced, remanufactured and second hand Italjet parts for those parts that are no longer available as genuine stock.


Check out their website where I'm sure you will appreciate some of the new features which include parts breakdown sheets to enable you to identify your parts to make your enquiry easier.


You can contact Italjet Spares UK either through their website or you can reach Lewis on: Mobile: 07707248933 or email lewis@italjet.co.uk



Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This months pic was taken by Blackett Photography at Santa Pod's 2007 Retro Day


As it was a Retro Day I took my "RETRO" Lambretta GP200 to see how it would cope with the 1/4 mile. My best time/speed of the day was a disappointing 20.5 seconds @ 55mph


In this particular photo you can see the difference between Dareyyl Ward's 240cc Lambretta Sprinter and my road going GP200 . . . . no contest


Click here to see more great racing pics from divuk83

Click here to see more great racing pics from Blackett Photography






Rainham Boy from Essex - We told him the vega engine conversion wouln't work


Bunter from Darkside of Chelmsford - Extra weight be dammed...I might get a puncture


Dave Delaney from Alfreton - ...my wrongly applied wheelie-bar may not have had the affect I first sought


nobby172 from Kent - Change gear!!!!


Admiwal from Grimsby - I knew I should've got a smaller chrome spoiler


Mont from Chesterfield Spiral SC - 1/4 mile on a lammy without a breakdown- that must be a record


poohball from somewhere out there!! - me piles!!...me piles!!!.......aaaaaaaaaaargh!!!!


Peter Field from Chester - I told them i would'nt need this stupid wheelie bar


scarborough daz from guess where .... Scarborough - It's that fast now it blows my pants off in 4 seconds flat!!!!!
Daz Hey! is this caption for the December photo?


maddo from Chesterfield - I got rid of the pillion like you said and it still won't go anywhere.


Tommy Boy from Maidstone - Thinks: Feet at 45 degrees...Check Chrome accessories...Check Ipod playing The Who...Check Tuned TS1 motor... Ah B0!!0*!!


tarmac tickler from sunny sutty - we may be bottom of the league(Mansfield Town)but we,re not last when it comes to sprinting pal!


Leigh from Chesterfield - When I get ya I'm gunna tickle ya


scarborough daz again from Scarborough - Come back I wasn't ready


Josh Ilott from Canada - He must have burnt the wheelie bars off at launch!










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