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Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This months pic was once again taken by Dave or divuk83, of Graeme Jones. Graeme is accelerating hard from the line against "A Bike".


This is just one of the times that Graeme struggled to keep the front wheel down.


Click here to see more great pics from Dave





Joe Brown from Luton - "Hi Ho Greame AWAYYYYYY"


lee67 from the UK - "if only it was a 5 yard sprint"


Paul Robinson from Cloud Cuckoo Land - "Graeme Jones tests out the new V&M See Saw ride at Elvington. Meanwhile in the distance, Richard Hampton..."


Jamie from Chesterfield - "look mummy, 1 wheel"


Glover from drag.com - "since his leather trousers were brand new and he couldnt bend his legs, the sprint was going to be interesting to say the least"


Mark from Croydon - "Quantum Leap fan drops in for a track day at Brands Hatch"


Jake Reid from Fife - "The hayabusa was just a little too heavy to be doing the hop, skip, jump routine..."


chris from Blackpool - "you need balls for this game! OUCH"


Richard Baker from Kings Lynn, Norfolk - "...and how Graham laughed when he realised those pesky boys had filled his front tyre with helium again..!!"


Soeley from Chadderton - "These new jet powered boots are really good for verticle take off"


Daz from Sunny Sutton in Ashfield - "oh no i,ve worn me platforms down again. i,ll have to buy another pair of Jonsey! Or maybe Newbolds still got a pair i can scrounge"


Dread from Fenland thick n sticky - "I tell you if it had wings it would fly!"







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