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Italjet Spares UK are suppliers of Genuine New Italjet Parts for most models of scooters, some which are listed down the left hand side of this page. Click on the model you want to view and you will be taken straight to that page


Italjet Spares UK also offer resourced, remanufactured and second hand Italjet parts for those parts that are no longer available as genuine stock.


Check out their website where I'm sure you will appreciate some of the new features which include parts breakdown sheets to enable you to identify your parts to make your enquiry easier.


You can contact Italjet Spares UK either through their website or you can reach Lewis on: Mobile: 07707248933 or email lewis@italjet.co.uk



Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This time its a pic taken by Denise (the wife) of Shaun, one of the Straightliners crew calling riders to the line for eliminations, theres Daz and Paul the Lambretta Riders and myself.


It was taken at Elvington on 22nd March 2007


Click here to see more great pics of this event from divuk83





Daz from Sunny Sutto in Ashfield - "Newly appointed state executioner Pete"chopper"Newbold sharpens his axe for his third attempt at cutting off a complete head!


Jake 'SP' from Scotland - Pete: 'Who sprayed miracle-gro on my drag again?!'


Chris from Blackpool - Hey Paul, while your down there any chance of a nosh ?


Shaun looks on in amusement as Pete puts his hand in his glove which had been freshly soiled by Shaun himself


Paul Robinson from Stockport - "its amazing what you can get under the seat of a dragster"


Soeley from Oldham - "I always carry some head & shoulders with me, never know when you ight need it."


Reddwarf from Wellingborough - "I"ve never seen a lanyard that long before?"


Lee from Barnsley - "for gods sake man..put it away!!!"


Jason from Boston, Lincs - "What does he mean "pedal faster next time""?


Woody from North Wales - "Shaun looks on as the little people play with each other."


Dave Betts from Sutton in Ashfield - "god i've been away for a few months,but when did straight liners start giving heads to the winners and not trophies."


Jayne from Chesterfieled - "Nice ass!!!!!" Obviously a fan, thanks Jayne




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