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This month we have Paul Robinson the founder of italjet dragster.com and Petrol Magazine taking photo's at a 2005 X-Race meeting


Picture taken and submited by divuk83. Click here to see more great pics




Richard Baker from Norfolk - "A telephoto lens is an essential weapon in the bulb fetish fans armoury, ideal for close up highly detailed shots of hot, bare, sexy filaments"


Kev (gilerarunner.net) from Rotherham - "cannot see these freekking lights, is it on amber or green"


Blue Dwarf from Middle England - "Paul R sets the camera to super slow motion as the queues to race at the annual Heavy Plant Machinery drag race meeting go around the track"


Andi Mac from the darkside of the moon (Wakefield) - "What the F~*#, i said wait"


Jimmy Whizz from Leicester - "Local photographer captures flasher in prime and glory"




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