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Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This months pic was once again taken by Dave or divuk83, of Kevin Jones. Kev is waiting patiently for the eliminations at round 5 of the X-Race series at East Kirkby.


Click here to see more great pics from Dave





KEVIN JONES (him self) from Sunderland - "am i bovvered"?
Nice one Kev, Cheers!


ChrisT again from Pontefract - "I hope that kid wud stop staring at me ass, it looks big in these pants"


Daz from Sunny Sutton - "me pants dont fit, me jacket dont fit, now me helmet dont fit, gotta stop eating deep fried mars bars man"


Carl Spann from Bognor Regis - "Yeah mush,meet u at mcdonalds yeh?"


Richard "Maver" Baker from King's Lynn Norfolk - "ok so i'm in a mood.... well you would be if you couldn't get your helmet on because some joker had put a flag pole thru it......."


Richard "Maver" Baker from King's Lynn Norfolk - "got to stop you there Kev, nice chat and that but i've just backed my arse onto that lads handlebar end and i'm in a lot of pain......"

mmmmmmmmmm too much of something there!?


Oidt76 from Croydon - "Kev racks his brain trying to remember where he left his helmet"


floppydodo from Warrington - sausage chips and peas wen i get in!


Jamie Newbold from Chesterfield - "Them dust caps look nice"







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