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Italjet Spares UK are suppliers of Genuine New Italjet Parts for most models of scooters, some which are listed down the left hand side of this page. Click on the model you want to view and you will be taken straight to that page


Italjet Spares UK also offer resourced, remanufactured and second hand Italjet parts for those parts that are no longer available as genuine stock.


Check out their website where I'm sure you will appreciate some of the new features which include parts breakdown sheets to enable you to identify your parts to make your enquiry easier.


You can contact Italjet Spares UK either through their website or you can reach Lewis on: Mobile: 07707248933 or email lewis@italjet.co.uk



Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This months pic was taken by Jamie (my Son) and is one of a series of photo's he took of Darreyl Ward carrying out repairs to his Lambretta at Elvington. The day was so hot Darreyl thought it a good idea to strip out of his leathers and was seen by everyone testing up and down the pits in just his boxers. It brought a smile to more than one face


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Reddwarf from Santapod - 34 BHP man in shorts goes for the world 1/4 mile sprint record on foot .... ON YOUR MARKS / SET /GO GO GO


Dave Delaney from Alfreton - £5 quid for a box of shite. Freekin parts fairs!


David Betts from Sutton in Ashfield - Local weido caught looking for something of value to sell for some new trousers. (sorry daz)


Triv from WHIT! - If i stand here long enough someone is sure to sneak up on me and show me where the nuts are!


Richard Baker from King's Lynn - It was only after the comedy hypnotist had left that Darreyl realised that not only had the bastard left him bent double but he'd also stolen his trousers and allen keys........


Maddo from Chesterfield - I'm sure everything was included with this kit. Now where did i put the freekin glue??


daz (who's he?) from Sunny Sutty - I,m just off to the toilet boys where's me tweezers n magnifying glass!!!


daz from Sunny Sutty (once again)- quick put your trousers on the Health Inspector has just arrived!


Mand from Hants - PARP!


Bunter from The Darkside of Chelmsford - Where's me bloody epilator.





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