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Italjet Spares UK are suppliers of Genuine New Italjet Parts for most models of scooters, some which are listed down the left hand side of this page. Click on the model you want to view and you will be taken straight to that page


Italjet Spares UK also offer resourced, remanufactured and second hand Italjet parts for those parts that are no longer available as genuine stock.


Check out their website where I'm sure you will appreciate some of the new features which include parts breakdown sheets to enable you to identify your parts to make your enquiry easier.


You can contact Italjet Spares UK either through their website or you can reach Lewis on: Mobile: 07707248933 or email lewis@italjet.co.uk



Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


This months pic was taken by Denise (the wife) of myself wating to run the final in the eliminations.


It was taken at East Kirkby on 20nd May 2007


Click here to see more great racing pics from divuk83






Richard Baker from Darksideville - "sure it was the fastest sprinter in the world but removing the start button to make it lighter turned out to be a big mistake"

Not actually the fastest in the world Richard .... yet, lol


Dave Briggs from Grimsby - "What fat b*$!*rd's been on that!!!"


Peter Field says "Sorry but you really need a horn button or you can't take your CBT i'm afraid"


Dave Betts from SES in Sutton in Ashfield - "Is that your dad with the glasses moaning about you going on the rides, here you are, heres a quid, have this one on me."


Fatget from Leeds - "which fat b*$!*rd's been sitting on my bike?"


BC from 'down t, road' - "had your suspension altered mate?" "no, I just got earl to sit on it..."



andi mac from Wakefield - "too many pie,s mate in the off season"


Tony from Chesterfield - "Look, now I can reach the floor!!!"


Jayne Duly from Chesterfield - "small man syndrome!!"

Ta Jayne, preferred last months tho'


lee67 from Barnsley - "freek me!!..handbook said 70mph tops"


andi mac from Wakefield - "So you,ve had one of rich,s baked spuds as well"


"Trevor wisely covers his 'Ass .... ets' from an on looking stalker"


Janet Pattison from Oldham, Lancashire - "Honey, I shrunk the Hayabusa!"

Ye, Like thet one Janet


Big Ian from the Straightliners forum - "The Air suspension button is here somewhere"


Jason from Boston, Lincs - "Look, if I touch this button, it goes down!"


Sam from Warrington - "If this big Kawasaki starts to get the better of ya, press this ere button and hold on tight."


Sarah from Tahn - "Although the bike had been lowered, Pumpkin Peter still required step ladders to mount!!!"


Maddo from Chesterfield - Pete looks on in amazement that there are people smaller than him !! (soz cuz)

and - "Dont worry lad things often shrink in the wash !!"




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