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Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


Dave, or divuk83 has once again allowed me to use this months photo.


Its of Darreyl Ward (in the foreground)and Paul Priestley both from Sutton in Ashfield sprinting against each other at the 'Twist & Tune' event at Elvington in March 2006.


The 2007 'Twist & Tune' event is on the 11th March and again is at Elvington.


Daz and Paul are always very competitive and this time Paul is managing to stay on his Lambretta.


The twist here, is that the event was run under quite extreme weather conditions which included high very cold winds and snow.


Click here to see more great pics from divuk83





Reddwarf from Northants - "Now did i leave the oven on or not"?


TangoSR from Essex - "With these new insoles I can easily outsprint him!"


Martyn from Scunthorpe - "Does my bum look big in these leathers?"


Dragster Man from Switzerland - "Darn... should have left the pedals on!"


Rob from Sheffield - "I knew i should have gone for the vindaloo!!!!!"


Rob from Sheffield again - "Dominos delivery boy interviews become ever more competitive!!!!!!"


and again its Rob from Sheffield - "Darreyls hadlebar mascots became ever more impressive"


Abbo from Yeovil - "Does my bum look big on this ?????????????"


Alex from Scooter Scene forum - "I ask for one with an engine, and get one with pedals, and this flat bit of track feels like it's uphill"


Harri Boy Elvis from Whitstable in Kent - "Rider in Red -listerning to SAT/NAV in headset ,take next left then on to next junction."




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