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Loon Racing 07


The caption page


Use your imagination and send me your funny caption for the picture below


And once again .... this months photo was taken by Dave or divuk83.


The photo is of Paul Priestley from Sutton in Ashfield dismounting his Lambretta at the start line (been there, done that).


Paul, as always, was leaving hard at the green light when he encounted a problem and experienced his first and last 'OFF'


Click here to see more great pics from divuk83





Andy L from WEST YORKS - "I knew I should have done my cbt first"!


Mark From Bucks - "Any thing u can do on a auto I can do it better on a lammy"


MARK from Oldham - "I'm sure I saw a 5p shining in the sunlight"!


Ron from London - "Bloody disc lock"!


Dave from SES in Sutton in Ashfield - "I've heard about people kissing the ground when they've come back from flying, but this is taking the mick pud".


Joe from Stockton-on-tees - "I thought all the ice had cleared up"!!


M Taylor from nowhere - "Thought that was my nitro tank not the bloody fire extinguisher"!


Captain Kroozer from Macclesfield - Jim let rip to what he thought was just a big fart. "Christ I must have been pissed-I don't remember eating that last night!"


Darreyl from Sunny Sutton in Ashfield - "i know your times hav,nt been the best of late but your never gonna crawl faster than the lammy and that bloke in the blue coat is cheating he,s not on the starting blocks like you are"!


We only need Paul himself to leave his caption to complete the Trio from Sutton.
Cumon Paul, dont let us down.


Spaz Winchester from Hull - "Marshal runs at the chance to bum downed scooter casualty/gimp" "thought this was Straightliners, not Gayliners?" says a bewildered Paul.


Minorconfusion from Mitcham, South London - "Power walking record thwarted by scooter accident"


Jamie from Chesterfield - "oooooo money money money"



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