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Drag Racing - The Idea















































































































"Loon Racing 2014"





At Santa Pod on Sunday 10/10/10 the
2010 'Loon Racing'
Italjet Dragster

recorded a new personal best . . . .



103mph in 12.5seconds



Click on the images to
see them bigger





Since setting my PB Santa Pod in 2010, I equalled the ET and Top Speed at East Kirkby on03/04/11 running consecutive:
12.5 seconds @ 103mph
12.6 seconds @ 103mph
12.5 seconds @ 103mph



600cc Suzuki Bandit, quick arn't they , , , , are they ?


Take your time staging, , , , , make sure your opponent stages first, , , , the longer you take to stage the morefrustrated the opponent will become, , , , and WILL let their concentration laps.


Once you are stagged the starter will start the lights and 'BANG'you have the perfect 'Hole Shot', , , , and I wasn't caught.


Win to the little pedda \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/




New to Loon Racing - Jamie Newbold "Lil Loon"


Using my 2008 frame and joining forces with Notts based young tuner 'Mitchell Betts' the 'New Kids on the Block' aresetting track records throughout the UK. More importantly, their joint efforts have actually won their classchampionship two years on the run. Follow Jamies link www.lilloonracing.co.uk to see more of
"Lil Loon's" sprinting career.













"Loon Racing"


One Man and his Twist & Go Scooter against the World on a 1/4 mile DragStrip.


All season I was constantly recording high 90's and often 100+mph, but I stillcould beat my 2009 best of 102mph.


That is until the very last event of 2010 at Santa Pod where the wind was in ourfavour and assisted me to find an extra 1mph to record a personal best 103mph in 12.5 seconds.


Keep comming back to see how the Loon Racing Sprinter is doing.


Thanks for looking.
Pete & all at Loon Racing.



2010 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster
SES Tuned


The 09 frame worked good.
Using the same frame again this year,
still developing it, obviously


1/4 mile - 12.5et @103mph


09 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster
SES Tuned


Once again
another frame under developement


1/4 mile - 12.6et @102mph


08 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster
SES Tuned


Another frame under developement
Major vibration problems


1/4 mile - 12.5et @ 101mph


07 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster


Frame under developement
major handling problems


1/4 mile - 13.00et @ 96mph


06 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster


1/4 mile - 12.8et @ 97mph


05 Loon Racing Sprinter


172cc Italjet Dragster


1/4 mile - 12.91et @ 96mph


Graphic Santa Pod


1971 Lambretta Vega 125cc


1/4 mile - 21et @ 53mph


See article here




Here's a quick list of the top normally aspirated'Twist & Go Scooters'
in Europe, and if I'm not wrong, in the World.


If anyone has a picture and stats which you would likeadding please email them to pete@loonracing.co.uk


TDR 172cc Sprinter

1/4 mile - 12.1et @ 108.47mph

Piloted by Pete Hoy
TDR 172cc Sprinter

1/4 mile - 11.9et @ 108.27mph

Piloted by David Hoy
PM Tuning's 172cc sprinter

1/4 mile - 11.9et @ 104mph

Piloted by Joe Elliot
SES Tuning's


172cc 'Loon Racing' Sprinter

1/4 mile - 12.5et @ 103mph

Piloted by Pete Newbold

PSN's 172cc Sprinter


1/4 mile - 12.6et @ 101mph


Piloted by Andy Pearson


Dave Hoy rode his TDR ItalJet Dragster over the 1/4mile at Santa Pod
and with the aid of Nitrous Oxide recorded
what is posibly the fasest ever speed for a
Twist & Go Scooter of 119mph.


TDR 172cc Sprinter + NOS

1/4 mile - 12.4et @ 119mph

Piloted by David Hoy





Here's a quick list of the top "TraditionalScooter's" in the Europe,
and again possibly in the World.


If anyone has a picture and stats which you would likeadding please email them to pete@loonracing.co.uk


Lambretta 250cc sprinter


1/4 mile - 12.71 @ 105mph


Flying 1/4 mile - 7.96 @ 117.3mph


Piloted by Stuart Owen
Lambretta 230cc Sprinter
SES Tuned


1/4 mile - 13.4et @ 105mph


Piloted by Dareyyl Ward


Run to the Shire's 2007
Dyno Shootout
121mph & 25.7bhp
See Daz's printout here

Lambretta 238cc sprinter


1/4 mile - et @ mph


Piloted by Richard Baker
Lambretta 240cc


1/4 mile - 15.3et @ 87.3mph


Piloted by Dave Betts of
'Scooter Engine Services'

SES Tuning


Run to the Shire's 2007
Dyno Shootout
109mph & 29.0bhp
See Dave's printout here
Lambretta 240cc Sprinter


1/4 mile - 15et @ 84mph


Piloted by Paul Priestley
SES Tuned


Lambretta 210cc - Road Scooter


1/4 mile - 15.9et @ 83mph


Piloted by Pete Newbold



East Kirkby June 2005 "OFF" PSN's Aero Sprinter....ooop's
(about 60mph in 3 seconds)



Click here for the 'Crash & Burn' report



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