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My Vega story so far:

In 2001 I saw a 1971 Lambretta Vega for sale for £450.

After a midweek evening visit and inspection I collected it the following weekend. I intended riding it home the 30 or so miles until I realised it wasnt road worthy at all, so I laid it in the back of my estate and brought it home.

After spending £350 on an engine rebuild and putting right the inevitable problems for a vehicle of this age, I took it for its MOT.

In 2003 I took it to Santa Pod Raceway to try my hand at 1/4 mile sprinting.

I wasnt expecting to win any races, I just wanted to see how it would run. After 6 or so runs and and finding endless amounts of neutrals in the gearbox I was challenged to a "Proper Race" by a 'Monkey Bike' rider. We were both running just short of 50mph at 22 seconds or there abouts and up until now I had just been trying to better my times and speeds. Now though, my last run of the day and I had to up the stakes.

Needless to say I ran my best of the day, and my only win of the day, recording 53mph in 21 seconds.

Oh! and yes, "I was now officially hooked on sprinting"

Not long after this I bought a 1957 Lambretta LD150 and the Vega has ended up buried in the back of my garage.



My 1971 Lambretta Vega



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